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Position filled, me thinks.

Posted by Erasmus - November 12th, 2008

So yeah, I think I've found the coder for my game. Which will be a while in the making. Alot of stuff to do. Anyway, there's a huge time difference but we seem to be off on the right foot. I'll keep anyone who's interested updated as we get things done.

Edit: Well he's not been online since the day we talked so I've had to scrap him. Found a new guy and he's from the same country. But he's damned lazy >:C

It's coming along nicely and I hope to be finished by the end of December!


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Comments (7)

That's fabulous news!! Good luck with it! I know it's gonna be ...Fabulous!! :D

More like FABTASTIC!

Why aren't you on AIM no more? >:(

What kind of game are you exactly workin on

so far it looks like some sort of a medieval concept

castle crashers killer maybe? :P

Anyways good luck with the game. dsddff

A little taste, just for you. (Attacking doesn't work)

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/0 21208/65062_Game_Engine_UF.php

Also, it's good to see you're cheering up and happy again :)

Ooh nice, you got the moves locked on :)

it still got bugs though, when you jump up in the air while attacking for example. Keep doing that and he will eventually get stuck in a position while levitating. And he never returns soon as he disappears from the screen. Still looking promising, good luck to you and your coder. Itll turn out pretty sweet soon as its done i bet. Reminds me of another game that my bud Ansel made not too long time ago, "Buccaneer Battle". Not sure if youve played it yet.

And uhh, not everything is back to normal as it might seem like... yet. Ive lost trust in someone and now i couldnt care less about him. Dont ask me who. And im still conflicted with myself regarding my art work. So ive made an ultimate decision regarding my trust in the art forum :\ It will happen soon.

Well anyways keep having fun with developing your game. Looking good so far. So keep walking that fine line. ;)

Yeah Buccaneer Battle is was finaly made me want to make this damn game, had it in my head for a years. Me and Ansel where talking about the artistic stuff, which I was scared was looking too much like his etc. excuses. blah blah.
I'll tell my buddy about that jump bug, I noticed it too and thanks for the compliments :D

I hope your depression ends, but you do seem more lively and that makes me happy. I also hope you clear things up wth everyone!

Theres nothing wrong about being inspired, well just make sure youre not completely copying his flow. As long as the work is 100 % yours, id say youre safe. Besides its your own twist and ideas isnt it.

And yeah i guess i am more lively now, things have indeed loosened up :) And wow... youre glad? Why would you care for a guy like me? Im just another guy who have failed at drawing. Well, it touches me. Really. And i think ive cleared up with most people, the only one who remains is who i mentioned above. Our relationship is quite damaged, and im in fact pissed at him. I just wanna move on... Anyways thanks a bunch PieLover. Im very glad to know that there are actually some people who cares :D

I'm just that kinda guy! ;D

My comments are very tiring arent they? :\

Hah, no. Comment all you like. Just aslong as it's not spam I'm happy!

Any more question? ;)

No not really... soon as we talk about my whereabouts, i come to you as if you were a shrinker lmao.

Just wanted to get some things off my chest a little, while looking for answers... well i think my forum ban is over now, time to announce my departure with a long text. Cya around PieLover.

You where banned? What did you do this time? :O


i liek cheseypuffs .

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