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Very cute, rough yet clean.
It's a great picture, it'd make for a lovely print or novelty post-card or something.

This is really moving, and really well done. A fitting salute to a great, great man.

Sleep tight, Edd.

Really nice

This is really cool, awesome colours and line art from all the artists. It really reminds me of Psychonauts and the general art style of Double Fine's games

You're gunna go far, kid

You're really really improving. I can see a lot of your influences, I just think you need to study actual anatomy a bit more, work on proportions maybe. You've got real talent and I'd love to see a lot more from you. Keep at it

This just reeks mediocre

The thrown in line on the ear, the false knowledge of anatomy, the forced light sources and their effect on the skin that doesn't make sense. Why's her boob about 2 cm away from her chin? There's no depth, what's that massively thick outline doing there? Her eyes are waaaay too far up and waaaay too big. If you're gunna try pull off a stylized look you need a grasp of what things look like in the first place. And practice shading, this picture just doesn't make sense.

It's not a bad picture, it just seems so forced. I've seen you in the forums, I'm sure you can take what I've said and apply it to your work, don't be offended, just keep practicing. And spend more time on your stuff, K? K.

Seriously, what's up with her boobs?

JKAmovies responds:

I drew this 3:00 in the morning after working all day, tired as hell and bored. There really wasn't much thought in it. . .

Far away from the milk and tea (milky teat?)

Absolutely beautiful. Karl, you're an idol and you got me back into digital painting. Your textures and palette are genius, the lighting and composition is quality.

Never stop that thing you do!

The critics on here can be quite silly

I'm doing this to give you the score you deserve. The fool below isn't rating on the skill, but what he likes. It's hard to vote fairly for pictures like this, whilst they are art they are very stylized and different from paintings. I think I've given you an unbiased score :)

I don't have much criticism because you pull of your style so well it's like perfection. Just keep up the great work.

BizarroJoe responds:

I hope you weren't writing this only for that, though...
You know something, I tend to see comments as "visit cards"... I use them to navigate quickly to people's userpages.
Thank you for giving me your card. It's a pleasure for me to have it.

Not bad

The colouring could use some more depth and the anatomy is a lil' off but it looks good.

I draw a lot

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